TCA Announces the Two Safest Fleets in North America

Posted by Emory Mills on 03/09/2016

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Truckload Carriers Association Announces the Two Safest Truckload Fleets in North America: FTC Transportation, Inc. and Bison Transport



The 2015 National Fleet Safety Awards have been bestowed to the same companies
that won for 2014… and for good reason. These fleets continue to raise the bar,
proving that their safety programs are the best of the best.


LAS   VEGAS, Nev. – The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) wrapped up its Annual   Convention at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort by presenting its prestigious   National Fleet Safety Awards to the two safest truckload carriers in North   America. FTC Transportation, Inc. (FTCT), of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and   Bison Transport of Winnipeg, Manitoba, are the 2015 grand-prize winners. The   contest is sponsored by Great West Casualty Company.

FTC Transportation, Inc., represented by Travis Arnold, president, won the   award for truckload companies in the small carrier division (total annual   mileage of less than 25 million miles). Bison Transport, represented by Rob   Penner, executive vice president and COO, won for truckload companies in the   large carrier division (total annual mileage of 25 million or more miles).   Both companies will be recognized again during TCA’s Safety & Security   Division Annual Meeting, to be held May 22-24, 2016, at the Worthington   Renaissance in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Due to the tight competition, it is extremely difficult to earn the grand   prize in this contest once—let alone the same two companies two years in a   row!,” said John Lyboldt, TCA’s president. “These fleets have well-crafted   and carefully implemented safety programs that not only work, but take these   companies to a higher level. They absolutely deserve the honor a second   time.”

About FTC Transportation, Inc.

FTCT has a robust safety program that requires a commitment from everyone   in the organization—from drivers, to operations and maintenance, to executive   staff. Safety is the core tenant of FTCT’s strategic plan as well as each   employee’s annual performance profile. Employees are measured across multiple   areas, and those who maintain excellent safety “scorecards” may earn a   variety of attractive incentives. This year, areas of the company that had   not previously included safety were revamped so that even sign-on and driver   referral bonuses and the quarterly fuel bonus are now linked to the core   component of safety.

The company is constantly seeking new ways to improve and train its people   in proper safety procedures. For example, it recently placed one tractor and   one trailer out of service, and then loaded them with more than 20 safety   defects (commonly overlooked items or problems the company has been cited for   in the past).  Each driver was required to perform a supervised pre-trip   inspection on the equipment and then was evaluated and re-trained on any   items missed.

Other ongoing safety activities include two months per year of special   activities dedicated to health and safety awareness, mock DOT inspections, an   annual employee weight loss challenge, on-the-job surveys or ride-alongs   conducted by the director of dispatch services, a new employee assistance   program and driver mentoring program, and much more.

According to the company’s grand prize application, “From our strategic   plan, to our mission, vision and core values, to our day-to-day operations,   everything we do is guided by safety. This mantra is reflected in our   results: we have maintained an excellent standing as reported through our CSA   Carrier Scorecard, our outstanding loss runs have enabled us to secure   excellent insurance for minimal premiums, and most importantly we put our   employees’ safety and the safety of the public above all else, enabling them   to return home safely to their loved ones.”

About Bison Transport

Bison Transport’s safety program is an amazing blend of safety   initiatives, careful attention to detail, and collaboration across all job   titles. Like any company, Bison strives to make a profit, yet it puts its   safety record at the forefront of everything it does, knowing that safety   impacts the sustainability of the company and the livelihoods of people and   families.

The company culture revolves around the slogan, “You’re Safe With Me.” The   brand is made highly visible through campaigns, signage, and awards,   providing necessary and consistent reinforcement to all employees of the   value of Bison’s safety culture and the value of their actions. The Safe   Driving Reward Program provides substantial financial incentive and aligns   with safe driving milestone levels in the corresponding Safe Driver Award   Program. A top-level driver will earn up to 15% more under this program. The   Safe Driving Reward Program exceeds Bison’s actual accident costs by more   than 15%.

Bison believes that investing in health and wellness is an important   aspect to having safer drivers. Its “Wellness for the Long Haul” program   provides many resources, from truck seats that vibrate less, to on-site   fitness equipment and healthy food options, to confidential assistance with   personal issues. For a large company, Bison manages to add a personal touch   to many of its activities; for instance, the driver development scheduler   makes a healthy soup or chili for drivers in her weekly orientation class.   (Not only do the drivers get a homemade meal, but they are encouraged to eat   healthy while on the road.) During North American Occupational Safety and   Health Week, there’s even a “Safety is Sexy Fashion Show” highlighting   wearing personal protective equipment.

According to the company’s grand prize application, “[We] link safety into   everything we want our business to be. ... As we consider ventures, we do so   without sacrificing safety. Investments are made in training, equipment, and   expertise to ensure we can meet our goal of being safe. If it can’t be done   safely, it isn’t a service that will be part of our portfolio.”

The application process for the National Fleet Safety Awards began with   fleets submitting their accident frequency per million miles driven. TCA   selected the top three winners for each of six mileage-based divisions and   had the results audited for accuracy by an independent expert. In February,   TCA announced the names of the 18 division winners and invited them to submit   further documentation about their safety programs. In order to be granted the   grand prize, both winning companies had to demonstrate that they strive to   meet stringent standards in their overall safety programs, on and off the   highway, and were judged to be the best in their commitment to improving   safety on North America’s highways.

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