Eleven awards were presented to FTCT Safety Professionals during the 4th Annual Fleet Safety Awards on Thursday, February 25, 2016.  These awards recognize safety excellence across several categories.  Congratulations to the team members who received these top honors, and their families who support them from the home-front.

The local safety professionals, made up of FTCT’s mechanics and local driver, were honored for achieving 5 years working safely without injury.  Vernon Fulkersin, Mark Grayson, and Scott Rutherford all received certificates of appreciation and safety award jackets for their dedication to safety in the workplace.

A total of eight awards were presented to our over-the-road safety professionals, with the award packages including: safety award jackets, certificates of appreciation, safety award patches, safety bonuses (in varying amounts depending on the award received), and gift items from our insurance representatives. 

  • Leonard Westover – 2015 Safety Professional of the Year

  • Terry Watson – 2015 Driver of the Year

  • Charles Burwell – 1st Runner Up for Driver of the Year

  • Frederick Murray – 2nd Runner Up for Driver of the Year

  • Jonathan Atzenhofer – 3rd Runner Up & Best Fuel Economy

  • Mark Smith – Most Miles Driven Safely in 2015

  • John Bates – 2015 Driver Mentor of the Year