Last night, FTC Transportation recognized eight team members who achieved safety excellence in 2017.  Debora Da Rocha (team member since 2013) was the night’s big winner, winning a total of three awards including 2017 Driver of the Year, Most Miles Driven Safety for 2017, and Best Fuel Economy with a Standard Transmission.

Charles Burwell (team member since 2008) was our 10th   Safety Professional to be inducted into the Million-Mile Safe Club, and was named the 2017 Safety Professional of the Year.  1st Runner Up for Driver of the Year went to Kevin Black (team member since 2000).  Jon Atzenhofer (team member since 2006) earned Best Fuel Economy with an Automatic Transmission & 2nd Runner Up for Driver of the Year.  3rd Runner Up for Driver of the Year was awarded to Dale Smalley (team member since 2016).  And, Kevin Jardon (team member since 2016) earned 2017 Driver Mentor of the Year.

Also recognized were our two Shop Safety Professionals, Vernon Fulkersin (team member since 1992) and Mark Grayson (team member since 2013).  For over 7 years, our shop team has worked safely with zero personal injuries.