Rolling Strong in conjunction with Freightliner has developed the industry’s first FIT system (Freightliner In-cab Training System).  We are pleased to now make this system available to our Driving Force, as we strive to become a healthier team.

We are excited to announce 60% of FTCT’s Drivers signed up initially for the FIT systems to be installed in their trucks.  As we have begun installing the systems and have been put to use, more drivers have requested the systems.

Trucking companies and owner operators alike see the many benefits of adding stretching exercises to their pre-load and load checklists helping them reduce rotator cuff issues. Drivers also can take advantage of the workout system to get their cardio and strength training in without having to leave their cab helping them lose weight and stay on the road to better health.

The FIT System features a triple-grip handle, which enables users to interchange three bands to change resistance levels.  Using existing seat tether and bunk restraint mounting points for installing custom brackets, the system easy to attach and use.