About the SmartWay High Performers

Among the hundreds of companies partnering with EPA through SmartWay, there are those that are a step ahead in meeting the challenges of sustainable goods movement. These leaders represent all types of SmartWay Partners, including: shippers, truck carriers and logistics service providers.

Based on SmartWay’s annual emissions reports for partners, these High Performers have achieved significant shipping and freight efficiencies that merit special attention. Learn more about SmartWay High Performers and the criteria that sets them apart!

Selection Criteria for SmartWay High Performers

SmartWay Partners submit efficiency and air quality performance data to EPA annually. EPA aggregates and divides the data into five ranked performance ranges. SmartWay High Performers are Partners whose efficiency and/or air quality performance falls within the top-ranked performance range.

FTCT made the list based on our top-ranked performance range for efficiency metric (CO2 ), grams per mile and grams per ton-mile.  

Excerpts from press release which can be found at: https://www.epa.gov/smartway/smartway-high-performer-lists