FTCT was sent the following blog post from Arnold & Itkin LLC where FTCT was named one of the 5 Safest Trucking Companies (in their opinion).  We, at FTCT, are honored and humbled to not only be recognized but also recommended by a trial lawyers’ website to drivers who may be looking for a safe company to drive for.

In our last article, we talked about the 10 most dangerous trucking companies in the U.S., but it’s only fair that we highlight trucking companies that have exemplary safety records. This week, we’re writing about the 5 safest trucking companies in the U.S. and Canada. If you’re considering a career in the trucking industry (or switching jobs to another carrier), put these companies at the top of your list.

Roehl Transport

Based in Wisconsin, Roehl Transport has won the American Trucking Association President’s Trophy and the Truckload Carriers Association Grand Prize for Safety multiple times. According to the ATA, Roehl has also been among the 3 safest trucking companies every year since 2003.

Bison Transport

Based in Manitoba, Bison Transport is one of the largest carriers in Canada, which makes it all the more impressive that it has won the TCA Grand Prize for Safety on multiple occasions. The carrier has a fleet of 1,250 vehicles and employs 1,106 people.

FedEx Custom Critical

Despite FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight appearing on our list of the most dangerous trucking companies, Ohio-based FedEx Custom Critical is among the safest carriers around. They employ 1,500 drivers with a fleet of about 800. Their average rate of Out-of-Service violations is far, far below the national average.

FTC Transportation, Inc.

FTC Transportation is small, but their record makes them a model to follow in the industry. The Oklahoma-based carrier has 26 drivers with a fleet to match. They also boast a transparent and generous compensation package for their drivers.


Like FTC, the Kansas-based RedGuard LLC has an exemplary safety record, partially due to its small size. With 24 drivers and a fleet of 26 vehicles, it has a zero percent Out-of-Service violation rate.

What to Look For in a Safe Trucking Company

Ultimately, good trucking companies invest in their drivers and in their fleet. Historically, there is simply no better way to guarantee an excellent safety record than to refuse to cut corners. That’s why the best trucking companies have a few things in common.

Here’s what safe trucking companies typically invest in:

  • Recent model equipment: New trucks have better safety features and get in fewer accidents.
  • Maintenance teams: Dedicated technicians and expert teams are a key sign to a healthy and safe carrier operation.
  • Excellent training: A rig is only as safe as its operator. Good companies invest in training their drivers to safely handled all kinds of cargo, give them clear and up-to-date information on their routes, and trust them to make the right call when they’re on the road.

Safe trucking companies matter. By highlighting carriers with excellent safety records and practices, we hope drivers (and other shipping companies) will start to recognize that fatal or catastrophic accidents are largely preventable.

Original Article: https://www.arnolditkin.com/blog/truck-accidents/5-safest-trucking-companies-in-the-u-s-/