SAFETY is at the forefront of everything we do at FTC Transportation, Inc.  Our focus is keeping every member of the FTCT team safe as well as all those our team encounters throughout each day.  Whether on the roadways, on an off-site location, or in our maintenance facility/office, the FTCT team works diligently to prevent personal injuries, accidents, incidents, citations, and negative roadside inspections.

For the past ten years, FTCT has been awarded Platinum & Gold Safety awards by Great West Casualty Company for our excellence in Injury Prevention and Highway Safety.  And, in March 2019, the Oklahoma Trucking Association recognized FTCT for Outstanding Achievement in Highway Safety in 2018, presenting us with the Grand Trophy for Highway Safety among all Oklahoma carriers.

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA): In December 2010, CSA went into affect, giving us a better view of our safety performance out on the road through the reporting of DOT recordable accidents (both preventable and non-preventable on the part of our Drivers) and roadside inspections.  

We invite you to view our current CSA standings by selecting from the images below.  You can view our current scorecard, as well as a look at our CSA history over the past year.

To learn more about CSA, please visit: