-Fred Murray, FTCT OTR Safety Professional for 8 Years

“The number one reason is seeing the joy in people’s faces that we bring when that big silver truck pulls up.” 

Charles Burwell, FTCT Driver for 11 Years

“The mission. Helping those who need help when they need it. The integrity of the people. As true a sense of family as I have ever had in my time in the industry. The honesty. We are openly and fairly treated as professionals while at our terminal or on the road. The care and concern. When one of the team is down and out you are not forgotten. This company will do everything in its power to help you get up again. The people make a difference in most any job. We have the right people selection and skills. A truly awesome group to work with.”   

-Robert Rossi, FTCT OTR Safety Professional for 5 Years